Reinvent yourself

For more than 10 years giving the best solutions to our customers.

Your Home

If you have some ideas to improve or build your home we can help you. Now you can enjoy the reform or construction of your home, without unexpected complications.

Your Store

We offer a integral service to companies, big and small stores. We manage all the necessary licenses to carry out the works of your facilities.

Your Ideas

We are passionate about new ideas and the challenges that this entails. If you are thinking of a new business idea or reinvent the one you already have, we sign up!

It is not your space, it is your life.

When creative minds try to capture their way of seeing the world, this can be an inspiring place.

Basically that's what we are in MSM Studio. Creative minds, people with concerns and with a big passion "make our environment a friendly place".
When we work with our clients, their project become ours and we make a big effort to catch their needs and their way of living life.

Because it is not only a beautiful house or an attractive place, it is people understanding who you are and what you are passionate about only visiting your home or your business.


Miryam Silvana Martínez Videla.

How we work


We listen you, we strive to understand what you need from us and we give you what you request.
We will advice you, we will give you our professional vision and we will give you the best option.

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