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Gran Melía Don Pepe

The hotel management requested a change of image, trying to give importance to the entrance. One of the difficulties was the lack of depth of land in the beds to be treated. To achieve this depth of the substrate, necessary to carry out the planting, we use steel tapes as a container.

Cypress of helical shapes cross the steel wall on the reception island. Green spheres on white gravel ribbons confer play of color to the composition. A stone fountain brings the sensation of freshness and the peace of the water in movement.

In the interior reception there is a pond with two vertical waterfalls flanked vegetation. Following the criterion of conferring a new image of simpler and more modern lines, we eliminate part of the vegetation. The flowerbeds are arranged on two levels by steel tapes. Each level has a gravel color, with flower plants with in white and red tones.




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