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Expert landscapers and architects in Marbella

We always look for quality, avant-garde designs, the use of energy and respect for the environment, without neglecting the final cost.
About MSM Paisajismo y Arquitectura

Another of our characteristics is the involvement and permanent presence in the development of the entire architecture or landscaping project, taking care of the selection of materials, because a quality work is only achieved with good materials and specialized labor.

Permanent contact with the client throughout the entire design and construction process allows us to guarantee their total satisfaction.

We integrate all aspects of a construction, the building itself, the exterior, with the landscaping and the interior with the decoration, so the owner has only one contact person from the conception of the project to the receipt of the keys to the finished work.

The team

Miryam Silvana Martínez Videla
Miryam Silvana Martínez Videla / Architect & Landscaper /
Architect by the National University of San Juan - Argentina in 1988.
Master in Gardening, landscaping and public space - University of Granada - Spain.
Member of the Spanish Association of landscaping
Colg. at the College of Architects of Malaga No. 1777
  • Architect in San Juan, Argentina since 1988, own studio, planning and building single-family homes, private primary and secondary schools, Catholic Church.
  • Participation in projects for the design of low-cost housing groups for Central American countries.
  • From 2005 to 2010 architect and interior design in Zamora art and decoration.
  • Architect in Marbella, own studio, developing architectural and landscape projects.
  • Landscape reform project and use of public space, on the banks of the Genil river in Granada.
  • Thematic hotel project in Granada.
  • Single-family homes.

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Juan Carlos Rueda Cobos
Juan Carlos Rueda Cobos
Electro Mechanical technician. National School of Technical Education Nº1. Argentina.
Business Administration and Human Resources Course. Bs.As. Argentina.
Director of works.
Mercedes Mariscal Ruiz
Mercedes Mariscal Ruiz
Interior designer. 
Real estate advice.

Real estate advisor and decorator in:

  • Andalusian Tourism and Recreation Construction Company
  • Construction Avila Rojas SA
  • Real estate investors Belmonte patrimonio SL
  • Moansa Construction
  • Medimar investments SL
  • Director of M&M investments

About Us

Expert landscapers and architects in Marbella and throughout Spain. We always look for avant-garde quality and design without neglecting the final cost.